Indie Artist TheAlienz, and Judough feat. Shay Ray Are On Air!

19 minutes

TheAlienz, band, tourists, invaders is a newly landed singer/writer group that has landed in your musical universe. We come in peace and consist of Gemini Teen(Angel Dawn, half asian , cousin of Beyonce), just finished a collab with Sean Kingston and is a composer and singer, 15 years of age, capable of creating songs and hooks in all styles, from EDM to Hiphop to RNB to Pop, she has been writing professional level songs since she was 12. With an enchanting lush unique meso soprano, she offers new revolutionary sound for the industry to continue its rapid growth. She is an all American French, Filipino who can speak three languages and practices advanced Kung Fu).

AQ8, galactic borg from New Orleans/Los Angeles, has been composing music for over 15 years, and creates overall productions aimed at the global market of every style. Capable of singing everything from Michael Jackson to Steve Perry, he is a French Cajun who grew up in the recording studios of Louisiana and is a multi instrumental musician. Capable of writing hook songs on a national level, we invite you to review our unreleased portfolio. We promote on social media and are readying our stage show. We often guest play with Xenon, west coast lofi rapper and Isabella G., instagram model and singer. We are theAlienz who crashed landed on Earth and just have to make do. From rock listeners, to teen anime, to pop to rap, we seek to somewhat peacefully invade this solar system

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Start listening to Indie Artist Amor X Is On Air!